I have had the good fortune of working out with Tatiana. I am recovering from a stroke and aneurysm and needed help improving my balance and strength. Tatiana was a tremendous help. I loved her enthusiastic approach and professional services. Both helped to provide me with the confidence necessary for me to get better.

Joe E.

My experience with Tatiana started a year and four months ago. I walked into the gym scared and intimidated, not having been in a gym for over 15 years.

Tatiana has taught me that the journey begins with showing up, being accountable and being YOU! Also, how important it is that our journey includes peace of mind, body & soul. My journey continues today & I feel better than I have in years!

She takes the time to understand your journey as a client & pushes you to the goal that can be reached; in addition to make it fun! I always look forward to my sessions with TATI!

Thank you, Tatiana.

Tina K.

I met Tati while she was an intern at my company’s fitness center. When I finally opened up to her with what I wanted to achieve for my fitness goal(s), she was all in. She told me my goal was pretty big for the short amount of time she had left there but that did not stop her from the challenge. Soon after she left, I began as her online client. She is the most non-judgmental fitness person I have ever met. She is down to earth and always there for me. She kicks my ass with the workouts but I always say nothing worth having comes easy. She pushes me to limits I would have never pushed myself to. My initial goal was to lose weight but it has changed because the workout program she has in place for me. Now it’s all about being healthy and building muscle. Tati rocks my fitness world!!!!

Kim Y.

I have been working out with Tatiana five days a week, for 1 year now. When I started training I was one very middle aged, out of shape woman, with a rather low sense of body image.

Tatiana has helped me turn my life around with learning proper weightlifting, endurance, stamina, better posture, balance, self image and has transformed my body completely.

Eating healthy did not come naturally to me. Tati helped guide me towards eating a balanced and healthy diet. She is highly professional, knowledgeable and has the certification and education to back her up.

It’s her “you can do it” attitude that makes you want to strive for more. The highlight of my day is to train with her. She is caring, supportive, enthusiastic, encouraging and has a great sense of humor. She will push you to your limit and you will love it. I truly believe that hiring Tatiana is one of the best investments you can make in and for yourself. Your body & soul will thank you.

Lisa O.