BBWTBB Details


One time payment of $40

What’s included?

  • Optional Initial Consultation regarding current training regimen and 1-RMs/proper weight assistance
  • Downloadable PDF, which is yours to keep forever! (Due to this being a downloadable PDF, refunds will not be available)
  • 6 weeks of lower body focused workouts, for 3x a week
    • Hamstring/Glutes
    • Quads/Glutes
    • Full Lower Body Recovery
  • Basic progression guidelines
  • Exercise video glossary
  • Exercise descriptions
  • Free workouts available on for the other days that are not provided
  • E-mail assistance available (Replies will be received within 24 hours)

What will you need?

  • Access to gym equipment including squat rack, lower body machines, cables, dumbbells and kettlebells and more
  • Resistance bands, stability ball
  • Motivation to succeed and push yourself!!
  • 60-90 minutes (1-1.5 hr) of time.
    • If you minimize the rest, as within the recommendations, or choose to super-set exercises, you can easily get the workouts done in an hour. As they increase in difficulty and length, be prepared for it to potentially go over 60 minutes.